When looking to get a new oven, a comparison of gas and electric ovens is necessary. When comparing the two, the most obvious difference is that one uses metal coils or elements that use electricity to conduct heat while the other uses natural gas that is ignited by a flame from a pilot light.

There are pros and cons to both when making a comparison of gas and electric ovens. faber cooktop 4 burner One of the benefits to using a gas oven is that the temperature is almost instantly where you need it to be. There is no waiting for the oven to pre-heat or for the elements to heat up. Also, if the electricity goes out, you can still use a gas oven. You can even use it to stay warm if your heat runs on electricity.

Gas ovens also cook evenly, making them a popular choice among both professional and amateur chefs. There are downsides to the gas option in terms of cost and safety. Gas prices can fluctuate significantly, which can make using a gas oven very expensive. Also, if the pilot light goes out on a gas oven, gas can seep into your home and can ignite causing a large explosion or it can cause brain damage or death in animals or children who may not know what is wrong.

Some newer models do come with better safety precautions. Electric ovens do not pose this threat, so they are a somewhat safer choice. Electric ovens however, will not run if the power goes out, take a long time to properly heat up, and are known to cook unevenly.

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