Chinese phones had the tag of being slightly below par compared to the phones marketed by Nokia and others. China also lagged behind in 3G phones and business phones. Perhaps this criticism was valid earlier, but the new generation Chinese phones have a point to prove and they do this with a vengeance. The fact is the Chinese have entered in the mobile market in a big way and marketed the latest mobiles for the common man. The word common man denotes that these phones are cheap and affordable and within reach of an average man particularly in Asia where the per capita income is low.

One of the new generation phones in the market from China is the Lava A9 mobile phone. The Lava A9 phone has many add-on features and is available at a price that is 30% of similar phones marketed by the established mobile phone companies. The lava A 9 is slim and trim and overall has an excellent appearance..

The phone is Java enabled and comes pre-installed with Opera Mini and Nimbus systems. It has excellent adaptability to connect to the net with a responsive GPRS system. Thus the web browsing with this phone is a pleasure.

The Lava sports a camera with a resolution of 3.2 mega pixel as well as zoom facility. The phone takes excellent pictures. In addition the Lava A9 also has MP3, MP4 and FM Radio. The manufacturers have also incorporated a video player and that makes the phone complete. The price is another advantage and you can get the phone cheap compared to a Sony or Nokia. 소액결제현금화

The A9 allows you to store plenty of information. It has 256 MB internal memory that can be enhanced with an 8 GB micro SD card. The micro SD card is not standard equipment and will entail an extra payment. The A9 has a MTK 6235 chipset as well as a 2.4 inch TFT screen which displays 252 colors at 240 X 320 resolutions. In addition it also supports Bluetooth, EDGE/GPRS.

The Lava A9 phone from China has the stamp of an excellent product. In fact it does take on similar phones from Nokia. But the fact remains that it is a Chinese product. One cannot forget that Nokia is also manufacturing and marketing mobile phones made in China. So one need not worry while buying a Lava A9 mobile phone.